Welcome to the Historical Archive of the National University of La Plata

The foundation of the National University of La Plata began to take shape at the end of the 19th century at the initiative of the then Buenos Aires senator, Rafael Hernández, who promoted the law that would determine, in 1897 and at the request of the Buenos Aires governor Guillermo Udaondo, the creation of the University of La Plata. In 1905, this institution was nationalized by Joaquín V. González, who became the first president of the University the following year.

It has 17 faculties, 137 undergraduate courses, 167 postgraduate courses. It also includes the Rafael Hernández National School, the Víctor Mercante Lyceum, the Bellas Artes High School, the 25 de Mayo Agricultural School, the Escuela Graduada Joaquín V. González (Anexa), the Maternal Garden, Radio National University of La Plata, a Editorial (EDULP), numerous academic centers, including the Museum of Natural Sciences, the Public Library, the Historical Archive, the Museum of Natural Sciences and Samay Huasi Rest House, the Astronomical Observatory, the Planetarium, the University Hostel, the Institute of Physical Education and 152 research and development centers.

It is undeniable that our university community has been for more than a century the producer and recipient of the most significant social changes that have occurred in the Region and beyond. Links with the political world are no less important: the first President of the Provincial University was Dr. Dardo Rocha, founder of the city of La Plata.

In this plot that goes from the history of our University to the history of the constitution of the nation, the documents that are preserved in the UNLP are significant both for history and memory, as well as for the present, the rights and to think about our future.